Topeka Youth Commission


Youth engaging adults in partnership to transform our community for the greater good of all.

We, The Topeka Youth Commission devote ourselves to the following core values:

Voice: Providing the youth of Topeka with a platform to effectively communicate our outlook and stance on issues in our community. 

Diverse Perspective: To bring together Topeka youth of all backgrounds to engage in discussions which include perspectives from various viewpoints.

Community Investment: Finding and retaining young talent from within Topeka, shaping a culture of giving back, and raising awareness of opportunities existing within the community in order to encourage youth to embrace Topeka. 


A broad and diverse youth commission engaging adults to provide a voice for youth in the decisions and policies of government agencies, schools and community organizations affecting the lives of young people.


1. Creating and influencing positive policy changes, making Shawnee County & the greater City of Topeka a better place for youth.

2. Involving the youth of Shawnee County & the greater City of Topeka in the decisions that shape their lives.

3. Bringing youth and adults together and improving youth-adult partnerships through training, mentoring, support and technical assistance.


The Topeka Youth Commission (TYC) is housed within the Greater Topeka Partnership  - acting as fiscal agent and administrative home. Washburn University provides training and technical assistance.

The three primary focus areas of the TYC are 1) Local government, 2) Outreach, and 3) Community Involvement. Within Local Government, the Top City Youth Council is comprised of nine TYC members from each city council district.


1. Students/Shawnee County residents ages 14 (high school freshman) through 21, who are diverse in all aspects.

2. Currently includes 16 students. TYC strives to recruit up to 40 members within the coming years.

3. Staggered 2-year terms; options for renewal.

Do you want to be more involved in your community? New member recruitment will resume in early 2020. Please apply here to be considered for nomination.

Founding Members

Nicole Bloomquist, Jacob Gernon, Lillian Holmberg, Bryce Liedke, and Makenna Orton



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