• Location: 1116 SE Madison Topeka, KS 66612


Subjects covered: Underground Railroad, Exoduster Movement, Territorial Kansas, Kansas History, Slavery, and Early Settlement.

Grade level: Grade 3 through post secondary

Best time to visit: Year round, Mondays and Wednesdays or as scheduled

Indoors, outdoors or both? Mostly indoors. Travel from Historic Ritchie House to neighboring Cox Communications Heritage Education Center. Picnic grounds available in good weather.

Clothing recommended: Comfortable walking shoes.

How to book a field trip: Call (785)234-6097 to discuss your students' needs and arrange a tour.

Curriculum & Standards: 

What are the standards applied and/or learning outcomes? All programs meet requirements of the Kansas state standards for history. Underground Railroad and Exoduster Experience programs meet requirements of Kansas college and career ready standards and the 2013 Kansas history, government and social studies standards.

Are there curriculum materials or guides at the site? Not at this time. General resources are available.

Grade-specific field trip programs available: Yes. 

Grades 3 and above:

An Underground Railroad Experience: Tailored to grade-level, this program is a focused look at the Underground Railroad, including the network in Topeka and Shawnee County.

An Exoduster Experience: Tailored to grade-level, this program is a focused look at the post-Civil War migration of African Americans to Kansas.

Grades 4 and above: 

*Rediscover Freedom’s Pathway makes the visit an all-day affair.

In a grade-level appropriate way, students will be able to explain the connection of events involving the meaning of freedom that took place in Topeka, Kansas. They will discovery that history covered a 100-year span, involving the struggles against slavery in the 1850s, the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and how the struggles and issues over the meaning of freedom played out in the chambers of the Kansas Capitol ultimately effected our state and nation. 

Logistics & Budget: 

Cost: Free

Assistance programs: Transportation assistance is available to qualifying schools that are completing the Rediscover Freedom's Pathway day-long program. Complete an application for the Freedom's Frontier Bus on Us program.

How long will the tour take from start to finish? A single-stop visit to Historic Ritchie House can be completed in less than 90 minutes, depending on your needs. The Rediscover Freedom's Pathway program is a five-hour minimum commitment, with time spent at each of three stops.

Pre or Post-classroom visits available upon request? Can be arranged.

Maximum number of students the venue can accommodate for a tour? 70

Minimum number of participants needed for a tour? None.

Number of adults per student needed? Not specified

Can they eat lunch inside/on site and/or bring their own lunches? Yes. Picnic grounds are available in good weather.

Where do buses need to park? Street parking is available.