• Location: 124 NW Fillmore Topeka, KS 66606


This six acre pioneer village features a prairie mansion, replica log cabin, Victor schoolhouse and soda fountain from the late 1800s. A guided tour provides a glimpse at life on the Oregon Trail.

Subjects covered: Oregon Trail, pioneers, prairie settler life

Grade level: Grades 1 to 12  

Best time to visit: All year.

Indoors, outdoors, or both? Both.

Clothing type recommended: Dress for the weather outside and wear comfortable walking shoes.

How to book field trip: Call (785)251-2993

Curriculum & Standards:

What standards apply? The activity booklet supports the Kansas state standards for history. 

Are there curriculum materials or guides available? Download the activity booklet (PDF)

What key vocabulary should students know beforehand? Included in a word search on page 14 of the activity booklet.

Grade-specific field trip programs available? Yes. Guided tours can be tailored to specific age groups.

Enhance your experience

  • Schoolhouse Session: Spend an hour in the authentic one-room schoolhouse learning about Kansas country schools, ciphering on slates, participating in a spelling bee and playing old-time games.

Logistics & Budget:


  • $1.50 per student; $3/50 per adult
  • Schoolhouse session program is $55 per 1 hour.

Are there scholarships, general grants, or transportation grants available? Not currently

How long will the tour take from start to finish? Depends on the speed of the group and programming involved, but plan on at least 90 minutes.

Pre-Post classroom visits available upon request? Yes, depending on your location.

Maximum number of students the venue can accommodate for a tour? 100

Minimum number of participants needed for a tour? 15

Number of adults per student needed? 1 for every 10 children is recommended.

Can they eat lunch inside/on site and/or bring their own lunches? Yes. Onsite picnic tables are available. 

Where do the buses need to park? Is this also where the kids get dropped off? Bus drop-off and parking is available at the Clay Street parking lot.