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  • Location: 4400 SW 10th Avenue Topeka, KS 66604


The Discovery Center offers exciting field trips that challenge students’ creative and critical thinking. Multiple field trips are available for grades Kindergarten through 5 th . You can participate in “Explore and Discover Field Trips” where the class takes a two-hour, self-guided experience where children learn at their own pace through seven interactive indoor exhibits and 4.5 acre Outdoor Learning Adventure. You can also participate in programmed field trips.

Grade level: Preschool through grade 5

Best time to visit:  Year round.

  • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. 
  • Closed Mondays.

Indoors, outdoors, or both? Both

Clothing type recommended: Dress for the weather outdoors and wear comfortable walking shoes

How to book field trip: Contact Caitlin Luttjohann (STEAM Manager) at or call 785-783- 8300 x 110 or complete the online field trip registration form

Curriculum & Standards: 

What specific standards are met? The Discovery Center has extensive information about the applicable standards of each of its programmed field trips. All field trips and exhibit areas meet Kansas Common and KCCRSS standards.

Are there curriculum materials or guides at the site? Exhibit, event and program information is available online and several of the programmed field trips have related resources

What key vocabulary terms students should know before they come? Activities are based on the standards, so all terminology will be covered by your everyday classroom activities. Otherwise, there are educators on hand who can be flexible with the programming.

Grade specific field trip programs available? Yes. 

  • PreK-1st Grade
    • Inside my Body
    • Hills Pet Foods Amazing Animals
    • Way to Roll
  • K-2nd and 3rd-4th grades
    • Westar Foundation Wack Weather Science Lab
  • 2nd-3rd grades
    • Money Matters (Sponsored by the Women's Fund)
  • 3rd-5th grades
    • ​Forensic Techniques Science Lab
    • Seismic Design: Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Budget & Logistics: 

Cost: $4-$6 per student on average, depending on selected programming. When you call to schedule your trip you will receive an exact per-student cost. 

Are there scholarships, general grants, or transportation grants available? For information, contact Caitlin.

How long will the tour take from start to finish? As long as you want, but plan on at least two hours. 

Pre-Post classroom visits available upon request? Contact Caitlin to arrange a teacher appointment to tour the venue at no cost to you. Please bring your faculty ID. 

Max number of students the venue can accommodate for a tour? 250 

Minimum number of participants needed for a tour? There is no minimum. 

Number of adults per student needed? One adult per every five students.

Can they eat lunch inside/on site and/or bring their own lunches? Yes. Use of the lunch room is $50 for 50 students. The Discovery Center is close enough to Gage Park that outdoor eating is an option in good weather. 

Where do the buses need to park? Is this also where the students should be dropped off? Park along Conservatory Road. 

Accessibility Information: The museum is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible.