• Location: 125 SE Airport Drive Topeka, KS 66619


The Museum of the Kansas National Guard offers a free chance to explore the unique contributions of Kansans to the country's military and peace-time efforts, Civil War era to present day. 

Subjects covered: Kansas Military History, Civil War to present.

Grade level:  All grade levels are welcome but programs are best suited for grades 3 to 12.

Best time to visit: Yearlong availability. Weather may determine your group's ability to outdoor exhibits.

Indoors, outdoors, or both? Both.

Clothing type recommended: Dress for the weather outside and wear comfortable walking shoes.

How to book field trip: Call or email the museum. Please be prepared to provide the information on the field trip checklist and whether you will need lunch space.

Curriculum & Standards:

Are there curriculum materials or guides at the site? There is an exhibit booklet for the outdoor portion available onsite, but there is not a printed guide for the indoor portion. 

Grade-specific field trip programs available? Tours can be tailored to the age of your students and their interests. STEM classes are available that address geography and the principles of flight (Standards in grades 5 and 6)

Logistics & Budget:

Cost: Free

Are there scholarships, general grants, or transportation grants available? No.

How long will the tour take from start to finish? Plan on one hour.

Pre-Post classroom visits available upon request? Yes. Call ahead to arrange for this.

Maximum number of students the venue can accommodate for a tour? 80 to 100 students

Minimum number of participants needed for a tour? There is no minimum. 

Number of adults per student needed? No requirement.

Can they eat lunch inside/on site and/or bring their own lunches? Your group may eat indoors or outside. If choosing to eat outside, there is a patio, a gazebo and other outdoor areas from which to choose. There also is indoor meeting space that can be reserved for your group at no cost. 

Where do the buses need to park? Is this also where the kids get dropped off? Bus drop-off is available on either side of the museum. Parking is available in the south lot.