Kansas Day

Celebrate Kansas' Birthday

Join us in celebrating the birthday of Kansas every year on January 29. Kansas Day commemorates the day that Kansas was officially admitted into the Union. On January 29, 1861, Kansas became the 34th state. In 2017, Kansas will celebrate 156 years of statehood.

In Topeka, you can celebrate Kansas Day by attending special activities at the Kansas Museum of History, at the Kansas State Capitol, and by visiting a historic Topeka attraction like Constitution Hall. You can also take advantage of special deals and sign giant birthday cards to commemorate Kansas' Birthday at participating local businesses and attractions the entire month of January

A tour of the beautiful Kansas State Capitol is a great way to commemorate the birthday of Kansas. This awe-inspiring building took 37 years to construct and an extensive renovation recently were completed. While you are there you can discover a few of the many ways the architects incorporated the number 34 throughout the design to represent Kansas as the 34th state and the new visitors center and gift shop.   

The Kansas Museum of History is your source for state history and Topeka milestones. The museum hosts a special Kansas Day event for school children, and an event for the public on or around Kansas Day that typically includes historical reenactors Native American music and dance performances, educational presentations and pioneer life demonstrations of crafts like basket-making and weaving.

Kansas Facts and Information

Kansas State Flag
Kansas' official flag was adopted in 1927, although changes have been made to the original design since then. The flag contains the state seal of Kansas, the word "Kansas" in yellow, a sunflower, and a yellow and blue bar.

The flag is full of symbolism. The gold and blue bar symbolizes that Kansas was part of the Louisiana Purchase. The early history of Kansas is shown in the state seal. The seal pictures rich Kansas farmland, a farmer plowing, covered wagons, Native Americans hunting bison, a rising sun, a steamboat on the water, stars and the state motto. The 34 stars signify that Kansas was the 34th state to enter the Union. The state motto, "Ad astra per aspera" means "To the stars through adversity" in Latin.

Kansas Symbols

State Bird          Western Meadowlark 
State Animal Buffalo
State Reptile Ornate Box Turtle 
State Insect Honeybee 
State Flower Sunflower 
State Tree Cottonwood 
State Song   "Home on the Range"